Net Worth Update (December 2019) – S$231,286

December 2019 Net Worth Update

Written by Liz

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April 26, 2020

Hi! Welcome back to another month-end net worth update.


A few things to note before we delve into the net worth update:


  • I’m from Singapore. Therefore, I will be tracking my net worth in Singapore Dollars. In short, “S$”.
  • However, for the benefit of readers who are more familiar with the currency of US Dollars, I’ve also included a simple conversion from S$ to US$ at certain parts of my net worth update.
  • At the time of writing this post, the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to US Dollars is S$1 to US$0.74. Conversely, US$1 is equal to S$1.35.


Let’s start off with an overview of my entire net worth.




This month, I received a one-month bonus from my company, resulting in the unusually high increase in cash. (Yay for year-end bonuses!)

As usual, I haven’t been investing in the sluggish Singapore market. But I have continued to invest slightly over a thousand Singapore dollars into the US market every month.

My retirement accounts have seen an unusually high increase as well. Usually, my increase would be S$1,348 every month. However, this month, I received my yearly interest of about S$1.3K from the government.

Altogether, I feel it’s been a strong month for an increase in net worth.

If you’re looking for more details of my net worth, here they are. 🙂


Brokerage Accounts

Singapore Portfolio

Bond Index ETF – S$43,677
Stock Index ETF – S$83,866
Individual Shares – S$8,583
Total – S$136,126 (US$100,733)

United States Portfolio

Stock Index ETF – US$8,726
Individual Shares – US$3,672
Total – S$16,733 (US$12,395)


Cash in Bank Accounts

Brokerage Account 1 – S$1,674
Brokerage Account 2 – S$305
Bank Account 1 – S$20,020
Bank Account 2 – S$607
Bank Account 3 – S$7,958
Bank Account 4 – S$506
Cash on Hand – S$2,076
Total – S$33,146 (US$24,528)


Retirement Accounts

Retirement Account 1 – S$27,938
Retirement Account 2 – S$7,903
Retirement Account 3 – S$9,440
Total – S$45,281 (US$33,508)


And that’s it!

I hope to improve on these net worth updates over the months, in content and in form. Hope you stick around for that 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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