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August 12, 2019

Hi! Welcome back to another month-end net worth update.

A few things to note before we delve into the net worth update:

  • I’m from Singapore. Therefore, I will be tracking my net worth in Singapore Dollars. In short, “S$”.
  • However, for the benefit of readers who are more familiar with the currency of US Dollars, I’ve also included a simple conversion from S$ to US$ at certain parts of my net worth update.
  • At the time of writing this post, the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to US Dollars is S$1 to US$0.739. Conversely, US$1 is equal to S$1.35.

Let’s start off with an overview of my entire net worth.




If you’re wondering, no, I didn’t suddenly switch to a higher-paying job that would allow me to speed up my journey to financial independence but also make me really stressed out at the same time (because more pay means more responsibilities).

The reason my cash balance increased by a fairly large amount this month was due to me being paid for 1 year and 3 months of tutoring (my side hustle) in one single payment. I’m thinking of dropping tutoring altogether in a couple of years’ time (due to the low pay and fairly high time consumption). So, as of now, I’m trying to work hard and make as much money as I can from tutoring while I can. I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

It seems that the stock market was in for a good month. My Singapore and US portfolios increased across the board. I did invest about S$1,100 into my US portfolio. On the other hand, I didn’t invest a single cent into my Singapore portfolio. Despite that, it was certainly nice to see a S$5K increase in my Singapore portfolio without me needing to do anything.

My retirement accounts balance increase is based on my pay, and the entire amount has not been invested in the stock market. Therefore, the amount increased every month is always the same. Until my next inflationary wage increase, that is.

Overall, a fantastic month financially. It seems that I may be hitting the next milestone for my net worth soon (hopefully) – S$200K!

If you’re looking for more details of my net worth, here they are. 🙂


Brokerage Accounts

Singapore Portfolio

Bond Index ETF – S$42,069
Stock Index ETF – S$73,051
Individual Shares – S$7,508
Total – S$122,628 (US$90,622)

United States Portfolio

Stock Index ETF – US$2,288
Individual Shares – US$3,827
Total – S$8,255 (US$6,115)


Cash in Bank Accounts

Brokerage Account 1 – S$1,186
Brokerage Account 2 – S$324
Bank Account 1 – S$29,070
Bank Account 2 – S$506
Cash on Hand – S$2,038
Total – S$33,124 (US$24,479)


Retirement Accounts

Retirement Account 1 – S$22,376
Retirement Account 2 – S$6,110
Retirement Account 3 – S$7,341
Total – S$35,827 (US$26,476)


And that’s it!

I hope to improve on these net worth updates over the months, in content and in form. Hope you stick around for that 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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  1. Dragon Gal

    Hi Liz, Always enjoy your Net Worth Updates! It’s always nice to see progress. Keep us updated about your tutoring. I imagine a lot will go into deciding what to do–good luck! Dragon Gal

    • Liz

      Hi DGal! Thank you so much for stopping by even though I haven’t been sending out email updates. And thank you also for your kind words. I’ll definitely keep you updated!