Niche Site and YouTube Update (Month 1)

Niche Site YouTube Updates

Written by Liz

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July 9, 2021

So… I stopped posting about my niche site for a while there because I was a little tired and disappointed in myself for saying the same thing every month – “I’m still editing, and I’ll get my first few videos out by this month.” I ended up taking 6 months to do what I wanted to do in 1 month.

Perfectionism got the better of me and it was so intimidating and scary to release videos on YouTube that I kept procrastinating by tweaking the video and audio and basically everything under the sun. In the end I decided to just screw it and release my imperfect videos and the reception was surprisingly better than I thought.

My first video was posted on 7 June 2021, so 6 July 2021 ended my first month on YouTube.

YouTube Statistics (Month 1)

Total Videos: 13 (1 core video, 11 small videos elaborating on the core, and 1 useless video)

Total Views: 1,518

Total Subscribers: 30

Thoughts: I didn’t know what to expect from YouTube so I readied myself for a ghost town for about 6-12 months, like what you’d expect from Google. I’m surprised by the number of views and even subscribers that I got.

Goals: I’m trying to make things simple and post only 1 core video a month. It involves a freak amount of effort so I’m not going to try and aim for more than that.

Niche Site Statistics for Month 1

Content Clusters: 1

Total Posts: 13 (1 core, 12 small posts)

Traffic: 0

Impressions: 0

These posts are super new so I’m not even going to bother checking traffic and impressions. They’re probably zero.

And that’s all for this month’s update!

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