Net Worth and Life Update (December 2020) – S$267,432

Christmas Church

Written by Liz

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January 3, 2021

Hi! Welcome back to another month-end net worth and life update.

Every month, I track my net worth progress towards my $1,000,000 milestone, which is how much I need to retire early. Let’s find out how December 2020 went.

Life Updates for December 2020

December is usually a more chill month, and the festive period feels like a welcome break from monotonous office work. Christmas was everywhere, and while I didn’t go out that much, it was still nice to experience.

Christmas at Jewel

Christmas at Jewel, Changi Airport.

Christmas at VivoCity

Christmas at VivoCity.

In addition to just going out and having fun, I tried to start filming for my YouTube channel. It didn’t go as well as I had hoped, but still interesting, nonetheless.

Sitting at Reservoir.

Filming YouTube videos for an outdoor niche.

Financial Updates for December 2020

And now, let’s get into the financial aspect of things. A few things to note, as usual:

  • I track my net worth in Singapore Dollars (S$).
  • But I also include a conversion to U.S. dollars (US$) in my net worth update.
  • At the time of writing, the exchange rate is S$1 to US$0.757.

Without further ado, here are all the numbers.

What’s my net worth?

Net WorthAs at 30 November 2020As at 31 December 2020Gain / Loss
Brokerage (SG)S$140,446S$142,016(+S$1,570)
Brokerage (International)S$44,832S$45,592(+S$760)

As at 30 November 2020, my net worth was S$263,606, or US$197,441.

As at 31 December 2020, my net worth was S$267,432, or US$202,446.

The drop in my cash again shows that I’ve been spending more than I’ve earned. At this point, I’ve gotten used to it and I don’t regret it a single bit.

It’s interesting to see that my net worth has again increased even though I’ve saved nothing and invested nothing. Super cool.

What’s my asset allocation?

Please refresh if you can’t see the below pie chart. You can also hover your mouse about each slice of the pie to see my net worth in each category.

How was your financial progress for December 2020?

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog.  

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