Net Worth and Life Update (September 2020) – S$252,458

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October 4, 2020

Hi! Welcome back to another month-end net worth and life update.

Every month, I track my net worth progress towards my $1,000,000 milestone, which is how much I need to retire early. Let’s find out how September 2020 went.

Life Updates for September 2020

I’ll keep this life update short, as quite a few unpleasant health-related scares and problems happened this month. The most important thing I learnt is this – Life is short. Appreciate what you have. Cherish your loved ones.

 For those of you who sent me emails and messages, thank you. I appreciate them. I apologise for the slow replies, but I’ll get to it soon 😊

Financial Updates for September 2020

And now, let’s get into the financial aspect of things. A few things to note, as usual:

  • I track my net worth in Singapore Dollars (S$).
  • But I also include a conversion to U.S. dollars (US$) in my net worth update.
  • At the time of writing, the exchange rate is S$1 to US$0.733.

Without further ado, here are all the numbers.


What’s my net worth?

Net WorthAs at 31 August 2020As at 30 September 2020Gain / Loss
Cash in Bank AccountsS$25,599S$26,603(+S$1,004)
Brokerage (Singapore)S$127,711S$126,509(-S$1,202)
Brokerage (International)S$42,183S$42,680(+S$497)
Retirement AccountsS$55,800S$56,666(+S$866)
Total Net WorthS$251,293 S$252,458(+S$1,165)

As at 31 August 2020, my net worth was S$251,293, or US$184,198.

As at 30 September 2020, my net worth was S$252,458, or US$185,051.

Similar to last month, I didn’t get to save much money this month either. I saved maybe $300 or so. A lot of money went to paying for niche site gear and expenses. While I don’t feel totally comfortable with this, I like to remind myself that it’s an investment worth making.

If things work out, I’d never have to work another office jobs. If things don’t work out, then I’ll take comfort in the fact that I’ve still learnt a lot, and that I didn’t lose that much money.

What’s my asset allocation?

In my book, “Become a Millionaire and Retire Early on a Modest Salary”, which you can find right here and download for free, I explained why I’m aiming for an asset allocation that looks like this:

And here’s what my current asset allocation looks like:

For the past few months, I’ve only invested in the US and international stocks, and I halted all investments into Singapore stocks. Progress is slow in getting to my ideal asset allocation, but I’m okay with that.

How was your financial progress for September 2020?

As always, thank you for reading and supporting this blog.  

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