Net Worth Update (May 2019) – S$186,580

May 2019 Net Worth Update

Written by Liz

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August 12, 2019

Hi! Welcome back to another month-end net worth update.

A few things to note before we delve into the net worth update:

  • I’m from Singapore. Therefore, I will be tracking my net worth in Singapore Dollars. In short, “S$”.
  • However, for the benefit of readers who are more familiar with the currency of US Dollars, I’ve also included a simple conversion from S$ to US$ at certain parts of my net worth update.
  • At the time of writing this post, the exchange rate of Singapore Dollars to US Dollars is S$1 to US$0.728.

Let’s start off with an overview of my entire net worth.



Since the market was down this month, I deployed my entire month’s salary plus additional savings (from previous months’ salaries) into the stock market.

I invested S$1,755 into the Singapore market. In the US stock market, I invested S$1,585. Without these additional investments, both my brokerage accounts would be in the red.

The Singapore market got affected badly because of the US-China trade war. Singapore’s main stock index closed at S$3.415 per share on 30 April 2019. After the good month of investment returns in April, the market came down by 7% over the past month. Without my additional investment of S$1,755 into the Singapore market, my losses would have amounted to S$5,917.

Surprisingly enough, after I got past the initial shock of having my net worth being beaten down a little, I started to feel a little excited about picking up more stocks. Hopefully the market will continue to stay down and give me a chance to invest a little more.

While my measly S$2,900/month corporate pay could do little to cushion the blow of the stock market to my net worth, I feel fortunate that I’m able to see fairly large gains and losses in my net worth. I guess this goes to show that my nest egg isn’t as small as it was years ago.

None of my retirement accounts have been invested into stocks, considering how little control the Singapore government wants us Singaporeans to have over our own retirement accounts. Therefore, these accounts were not affected by the stock market movements.

If you’re looking for more details of my net worth, here they are. 🙂


Brokerage Accounts

Singapore Portfolio

Bond Index ETF – S$41,813
Stock Index ETF – S$68,537
Individual Shares – S$6,922
Total – S$117,272 (US$85,374)

United States Portfolio

Stock Index ETF – US$1,897
Individual Shares – US$3,046
Total – S$6,790 (US$4,943)


Cash in Bank Accounts

Brokerage Account 1 – S$1,113
Brokerage Account 2 – S$1,270
Bank Account 1 – S$23,083
Bank Account 2 – S$506
Cash on Hand – S$2,067
Total – S$28,039 (US$20,413)


Retirement Accounts

Retirement Account 1 – S$21,538
Retirement Account 2 – S$5,891
Retirement Account 3 – S$7,050
Total – S$34,479 (US$25,101)


And that’s it!

I hope to improve on these net worth updates over the months, in content and in form. Hope you stick around for that 🙂

Thanks for reading!



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