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November 8, 2020

Hi! Welcome to the fourth month update on the niche site.

This is just going to be a short update on the direction of my niche site.


Seeing Results?

No, I haven’t started getting lots of traffic, and I haven’t started monetising. However, I did find that I was getting a few more impressions in October 2020. When checking the search results, I realised that one of my posts was ranking on the first page of Google (though right at the bottom) for a few days.

And since nobody really reads the bottom of even the first page, I didn’t get many clicks. Here’s my Google Search Console snippet from October 2020 (Month 4). An improvement over September (Month 3) for sure, so I’m happy about that.

Google Search Console Month 4


However, my post dropped off the rankings shortly after, which caused me to stop and ponder as to the reason why. In addition, I also got an extremely helpful comment from a reader (who also has a niche site over at Cat Pointers).

Niche Site Comment

These 2 events resulted in me taking the entire month off to reflect on the direction of the niche site.

I decided that I wasn’t happy with the current content up on my niche site, because it felt very poorly written, terribly organised and horribly formatted.

So, I’ve decided to scrap all the existing content from my niche site, and to redo and to reorganise everything.

To clarify, I’m not actually changing the topics that I was writing about, I’m just going to do much more research and to reorganize everything to make it more user-friendly.



Going forward, I’m also thinking of starting a YouTube channel on the exact topics that I write about on my niche site. This is going to involve a lot of work, such as filming and video editing (which I’ve never done before), so that’s pretty crazy.

But this will help with user-friendliness and time on page, and I’ll be learning lots of new skills, so I think it’ll be worth it.

As always, thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

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  1. Budget Life List

    Neat! That is awesome that you are branching out and trying YouTube! I don’t have any experience in that, so I am curious to see how it goes for you!

    Good luck!

    • Liz

      Hey BuLL! Thank you! I haven’t even started yet, it’s probably just a half-baked idea in my head but hopefully it goes okay in the end. HAHA. Will update you 🙂