Niche Site and YouTube Update (Month 2)

Niche Site YouTube Updates

Written by Liz

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August 17, 2021

Month 2: 7 July 2021 to 6 August 2021

Total Videos: 18 (2 core videos, 16 small videos) (+5 from Month 1)

Total Views: 4,009 (+2,491 from Month 1)

Total Subscribers: 104 (+74 from Month 1)

Niche Site Statistics (Month 2)

Since my niche site is just a complete reflection of my YouTube channel (just words instead of videos), the information here is the same:

Content Clusters: 2 (+1 from previous month)

Total Posts: 18 (2 core, 16 small)

Traffic: 0

Impressions: 0

Did not check traffic and impressions actually because these posts are so new. Also, I’m lazy hahaha.

That’s all for this month’s update!

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